There are 3 types of graphic designer scenarios out there in the blogger universe.

Scenario 1 - AKA The Missing in Action Designer

  • They are dirt cheap – the project is costing you $10 or even $5.
  • They are there for you at the start and seem great to work with but then as the project progresses they start ignoring your emails, ignoring your requests, ignoring your time line.
  • You start chasing after them to get an answer, a response – anything….
  • They keep apologizing and coming up with excuses.
  • You just want your design!
  • You finally get the files (whew) and all seems great but you want to make a change months later and they’ve disappeared…no where to be found…

Scenario 2 - AKA The Wannabe Designer

  • Their designs look beautiful – on the surface.
  • You hire them and they seem fabulous.
  • They aren’t cheap so, you figure they are professionals.
  • You ask them to incorporate certain ideas that you’ve seen elsewhere but they talk you out of them.
  • The project is finished – it looks great. You send the photoshop files to be printed as business cards, postcards, greeting cards, t-shirts and the printer says the files are unusable as they are RGB photoshop – low resolution pixels meant only for online/digital purposes. They need to be vector scalable art where pixels are meaningless. AND they need to be in CMYK – the colour language of printers, the specifications that pros use.
  • You contact your designer and they have no idea what you are talking about. They’ve always just used photoshop, they do this as a side business to supplement their blogging income. They don’t even own Illustrator or Indesign…

Scenario 3 - AKA Graphics for Bloggers

  • We have 20+ years of Professional Graphic Design experience working with Fortune 500 corporate clients.
  • We know the ins and outs of logo design for print, and digital.
  • We always provide our clients with full consultation on expectations, limitations, and deliverables before we start the project.
  • We keep to the timeline, respond in a timely manner, don’t miss deadlines and never make excuses.
  • We have references from real people, real bloggers with active successful websites.
  • We provide you with vector art working files at the end of the project, so you can use them in the future for any printing or design application from a pin back button to a billboard sign – our files will work in any application.
  • We won’t go missing… and if we do go on a much need jaunt – you’ll know about it ahead of time and be able to factor that into your timeline.
  • On top of all of this – we are bloggers ourselves – so we know what works and what doesn’t.

We’re hoping that you are looking for someone that meets Scenario 3 – Professional Graphic Designer because that is who we are!

But you may be asking yourself…

“WHY would YOU want to work for ME at a reduced rate when you can work for a Fortune 500 client and make the big bucks?”

The Answer: We’re giving back to the blogging universe as a thank you for all the bloggers out there who share their knowledge, encouragement and inspiration freely to the world without any reward. Think of it as karma points as payment for us!

Think we are crazy? We are… But aren’t all bloggers?!